Create Place

Flexible, low-cost coworking space

In this non-profit art centre, we open as a coworking space every Friday from 10am-4pm, giving freelancers the chance to mix up their schedule and get out into the community.

It only costs £1 per hour, with the money you pay to attend going right back into supporting our Coworking Fridays, buying supplies & tasty treats, and we'll soon be running freelance-orientated workshops that will help freelancers and their business thrive.

Our Create Place is a friendly and peaceful environment, and we welcome all sorts of freelancers who are focused on creative or community projects, from writing to designing, textile-making to starting your own business. We have reliable wifi, tea & coffee, and a private meeting room that can be hired at £1 per person per hour.

You can either drop in or book your place by emailing:

Tea and Coffee
Meeting Rooms
Enquire About This Space:
Enquire About This Space

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Organisation: Create Place
Price: £1 per hour
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