If you're having problems using the site, or just want a little more information, please have a look at the list below to find the answer to your question. If you can't find a solution, send us an email using the Contact Us form and we'll try to help.

How do I advertise my available spaces?

To add a space click on the 'add a space' link on the top right hand side of the menu and follow the instructions from there.

I’ve registered as an advertiser, what do I do next?

Log In to your account
Click on My Spaces or Add a Space as required.

Room Listing Stages:

  1. You list a space - this will be visible in your account area but will not 'go live' (i.e. be put on the website) until it is approved.
  2. The administrator approves your spaces - these then go up on the searchable database and are featured on our home page.
  3. Your spaces are available to search - you should receive enquiries via the MyCommunitySpace site directly from interested users.
  4. After six months, any listings you have added will become inactive until you check that the details listed are still correct and request their continued inclusion on the site.
  5. You can continue to add or edit spaces listed on the site indefinitely, but remember to check back at least once every six months to ensure everything is still current.

When I try to add a SPACE the site says my address is invalid?

Please enter either a building name or number - not both. e.g White Lion Community Centre or 12-20.
If you enter a building name, please ensure it is spelt correctly and that this building name is officially registered as part of the building address. To find your registered address, please visit Royal Mail Address Finder.
If you are still experiencing problems then contact us using the Contact Us form, with your address and postcode details and we'll try to help.

I’ve advertised my available space but I can’t find it on the site?

All advertised spaces are approved by the site administrator before it goes live on the site.


Enquiries will come when visitors complete the Enquiry Form on your 'space listing'. A copy of this will go to MyCommunitySpace, but only the space owner will be able to answer the email and advise your space prices and availability.


Not yet! MyCommunitySpace is currently developing an online booking system that will be available to you. This optional service will incur a commission charge and more details will be sent to you once the system is ready for use, so you can review the offering to see if it is right for you.

How do I upload my images?

To upload images to your advertised space, Log in to your account
Select View Room, Then select Edit
Scroll down to Image Upload

What is the recommended image size?

To help your listing look as good as possible, images should be uploaded with a minimum pixel dimension of 1200x800 for best results. We recommend uploading a minimum of 4 images to display a slideshow for your space.

My Images are the wrong size, how do I re-size them?

Try using a free online editing tool pixlr
Select open image from my computer
Select Image, Image Size, enter 1200 pixels then OK
Select File then save

You can also use the "Edit Pictures" tool in Microsft Office

If you are still experiencing problems then contact us using the Contact Us form

How do I register MY VENUE on the site?

To register on the site you must be a charity, non-profit or community organisation. To get started visit the 'Add A Space' link on the top menu of the website. Visit our Hints & Tips section to watch a video on the process. Remember to make a note of your user name.

Why can’t I register on to the site?

Have you filled in the whole of the registration form? "Are you not charity, non-profit or community organisation?" The form won't allow you to submit it until you have entered all the mandatory details (indicated with a *).

I have registered but I have not received the validation email?

Please check your spam folder first, if you still cannot find the validation email then contact us using the Contact Us form and we will activate your account for you.

I have registered but I can’t login?

You need to create a password on  your account by clicking on the link in the welcome email. If you are still experiencing problems then contact us using the Contact Us form.

Can I find out more about a potential venue before booking?

Yes - if you require more information than is contained on the room listing, you can use the enquiry form in the listing details to email the venue with your questions. Some venues will have a website or links to other information within the description, which may be worth visiting.

How do I book a room?

Use the search facility to find a room in your area, then complete the Enquiry Form. Fill in the form with your question or booking request and an email of your details will be sent to the venue. A copy of this will go to MyCommunitySpace, but only the advertiser will be able to answer your email and let you know their prices and availability.

If you are planning to book the space, remember to write the date/s you would like to book in the relevant section of the form.

Your booking will not be confirmed until the venue has contacted you and you have complied with any of their terms and conditions (such as signing a rental agreement or providing a deposit).

What do I do if I want to cancel a booking?

Each venue will have their own cancellation policies, and you must ensure that you cancel directly with the venue an appropriate amount of time before your booking was due, or you may be charged a fee. Please do not send cancellations via MyCommunitySpace - instead email or call the individual you made the booking with to ensure that your cancellation is recorded.


Not yet! - MyCommunitySpace is currently developing an online booking system that will be available to those listing spaces on this website. More details will become available once the system is ready for use.