At MCS, we actively promote local charities by holding exhibitions at various locations around the UK – where we exhibit charities’ personalised display boards, showcasing their services and the fantastic work they offer within their communities.

Additionally, we invite our space-providers to advertise their available premises.

If you are interested in using this service, please contact us.

Charities wishing to attend either Charity Promo Day are welcome to contact MCS and request to have a set of promotional display boards created.

Using information of their choosing or alternatively, from their website, charities can have their boards displayed at the Charity Promo Days to provide them with further exposure to fellow charities, prospective volunteers and CSR representatives alike.

Step 1: Contact MCS and request to have a set of promo boards made for a local event

Step 2: Provide MCS with relevant information to be displayed on your promo boards, which must include:

  • A hi-resolution image of your charity’s logo (ideally in JPEG or PNG format)
  • Relevant marketing literature (i.e. who you are, what you do, how you do it, etc)
  • Any contact details you wish to have displayed (company web addresses, phone numbers)
  • Any additional imagery you wish to have incorporated

*Please note – if your charity is unable to provide images, please allow MCS permission to use relevant information from your charity’s website

All participating charities are welcome to take their logo board absolutely free at the end of the exhibition. Should charities like to purchase any additional boards from their set, they are welcome to do so (pricing can be discussed upon request).